For Japan With Love….

18 Mar

The past week heartbreaking images and videos have been coming to us showing the destruction caused in Japan by the earthquake and tsunami. I have not been able to watch the news, videos or read stories about it without crying. It is devastating and heartbreaking and I am guessing everyone else in the world finds it as upsetting and wants to reach out and help Japan in anyway they can….

The earthquake and tsunami left a trail of destruction leaving people, families and towns devastated. People are cold, hungry and health supplies are either limited or not at all. People have lost everything their homes, their families and many their lives. It is a very hard time for Japan and aid is needed so please donate, fundraise or just share information on how others can……

Last night I came across For Japan With Love which has been set up by blogger Lydia and Utterly Engaged… has 2 parts to it…..

The first  is to fundraise for Japan through the organization ShelterBox and the second part is to raise awareness and respect and acknowledge the devastation going on in Japan.

I am from this moment going to part take in the Bloggers Day Of Silence and will also donate and will do anything else I can.

So please please think of others during these difficult times and help in anyway you can, no matter  what it is you do or what organization you do it with as it is all going to the same needy cause.

Every little helps

Thank you….



One Response to “For Japan With Love….”

  1. andmybaby 03/18/2011 at 4:52 pm #

    Cool, have taken part too…didn’t know about this til now : )

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