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For Olivia (and anyone) who suffers from ‘Bieber fever’…..

1 Mar

A large portion of the female population suffers from Bieber fever and my friend Olivia is amongst them. So for my friend I am taking a few minutes to wish the singing sensation a very happy 17th birthday. Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who was discovered by Scooter Braun who saw videos of him singing uploaded by his mom to youtube.

A pensive Bieber....

The Beebs is now acknowledged as a singer-songwriter, musician and actor. He is also famous for his floppy locks which he  cute in time to celebrate his birthday. Maybe he thought his new hair do would make him look older now that he is 17!! But the cut cost him something like 80000 fans to stop following him or liking or friending him on facebook, seems a bit extreme to unlike someone because they get rid of some split ends. So was the new do worth it?

Well I think it is a move that will gain him some fans as there was a bigger reason for his actions than vanity but the charitable star will be auctioning off locks of his hair for charity. And his kindness does not stop here he also tweeted this today  “1 in 8 people in the world lack access to clean water. so this year i want to give my birthday away to help @charitywater#makeachange ” It was his first tweet of the birthday boys day.

and here it is the new do….

Birthday Beebs

Or maybe he cut his hair because he is dating the slightly older nickelodeon star Selena Gomez!? Either way I prefer the new shorter style.

Well happy birthday JB hope you are having a lovely day and that your voice doesn’t change now your have turned 17……




Glee got hit with Bieber Fever  also and if I am honest I prefer the Glee version

Glee does Bieber…



Happy Bieber Day…..x

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