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Thursday treats…..

4 Mar


Monday to Thursday with O2 treats a trip to the movies is only 4 euro, check out for participating theatres.

Yesterday¬†myself and one of the girls went for Thursday Treats to see No Strings Attached¬†starring the gorgeous Aston Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It was an enjoyable movie experience complete with kiddies meal to nibble on so not too bold! The film was nice, romantic, sweet and happy. The soundtrack is also pretty good and worth investigating. And the best bit loads of topless scenes with Mr Kutcher so a perfect thursday treat….

If you are heading to the cinema over the weekend it’s not a bad choice.

Here is a trailer…..



right now I’m listening to this…..

4 Mar


Heard it on an episode of Greys Anatomy and I can not stop listening to it


Festive Friday…because it’s Friday

4 Mar

We all love Friday because it is a fun day, the end of the week and the start of the weekend….

Today I have been in bed as feeling a little under the weather

Under the weather....

So I got to have a lovely bed day with bagels,herbal tea ( and a stack of magazines…

Bagels and herbal tea...

Oh and of course searching the internet for nice images.

SO to celebrate this Friday and show you how productive a sick day can be, I am going to share some images I have collected from various sites and blogs…..


Winnie the Pooh

Beautiful dress


Cat nap....

free wheeling....

I really do....

Have a festice friday and a great weekend

Elle x