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Model moment…..

30 Mar

Going to share a bit of a model moment I had last year that I often think of and get a little flushed….

First off a little background, when I as younger I loved the series My So-Called Life starring Claire Danes and the gorgeous Jared Leto …..

and so develops my first crush.....

The show was all about a teenage girl, Angela(Danes) and her problems in life including her love for Jordan Catalano(Leto)….it was brilliant and of course Jared Leto being in it added to the appeal….I am not sure if it was his perfect blues eyes, his hair or his voice I loved more!

Sadly My So-Called Life only lasted one season so Jordan Catalano was no more but Jared Leto had just arrived….

Although Jared Leto has been on the acting scene for he has been somewhat selective with the roles he plays with a lot of the movies flopping Jared himself , most of the time, gives strong performances like in Prefontaine and Requiem for a Dream.

On top of being an actor Jared Leto also sings lead vocals, plays rhythm guitar and is songwriter for  band thirty Seconds to Mars …..last summer they performed at Oxegen…..

Anyway I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Jared and thought yes I am doing really well of not getting to star struck or anything when speaking to him….or so I thought until he told me I smelt nice(I think I had a bottle of perfume on) and flashed him a smile and said ‘really oh thanks because I’ve been camping so I have not showered on 3 days‘….so a great I made a great impression!!




Jared Leto is also on twitter check it here

So I think I just want to talk about the lovely Mr.Leto rather than share my embarrassing meeting with him…..