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Pumpkin fun….

15 Oct

Halloween is almost here so I want to decorate the house in loads of fun and scary pumpkins…last year I carved one, it took several hours so may attempt a few this year….love love love this time of year so want to go all out…

Here are a few images from the internet and Country Living…..


Every Halloween I curl up with popcorn and treats (most likely bought for trick or treaters) and watch Hocus Pocus, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and of course Halloween so looking forward to my Halloween movie night, maybe I’ll add a few scary ones to the list this year….

Hocus Pocus

The Rocky Horror Picture Show






A few things….

13 Oct

Spent some of my day off trying to come up with Halloween costume ideas as October is flying by so fast…so far these are top of my list…







*however laziness might mean I’ll dress as a cat like thing as I have cat ears!

Speaking of cats, the cat at home has had five tiny adorable little kittens…trying to convince my housemate to let me take one up here, not going well…



The weather this week has been lovely so I have been trying to take full advantage of the sun by getting out and about for as many walks as I can in between work and shows…..

A few images from my walks…



Listening to….

Rascal Flatts – Easy

Fiona Apple – Criminal

Ron Pope – A Drop In The Ocean

Ben Howard – Only Love