My Week…..

1 Oct

October is here, one of my favorite months of the year but started of with non stop rain instead of the nice crisp sunny weather it should have to show of all of its lovely autumnal niceness….I am sitting indoors eating bagels and exploring the internet for tasty pumpkin recipes, I am thinking of going on a pumpkin inspired diet for some of October….

Tuesday was my day off and I did Ireland AM in the morning, view here… and spent the rest of the day strolling around town and meeting friends for coffee (we had an indian summer for a whole of two days!)….

Had a spot of car trouble when on route to TV3 on Tuesday, I pulled into the garage up the road to get a coffee and when I came back out my car sadly wouldn’t start, luckily there was a few gardai there at the time and after a few failed attempts of them trying to push start my car(much to the entertainment of the staff and other customers at the garage) they kindly gave me a lift down the road in the Garda car…so I arrived in style and in time!!

Went out to a gig in town last night for a while only say two acts both very good so will try locate them on myspace or somewhere…

Few pictures from my week…..


Listening to…..

Rilo Kiley – With Arms Outstretched

America – A Horse With No Name

JJ Heller – What Love Really Means





One Response to “My Week…..”

  1. Becky C 10/01/2011 at 5:46 pm #

    Oh my god I am weak at your Garda story! So funny! Your looking fab as always, Will be making some nice autumnal dishes including pumpkin ones on the old blog. I love autumn. Hopefully see you soon X

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