Festive Friday…..

19 Aug

Festive Friday is a very sleepy Friday….I have been sitting in Cafe Moda in Rathmines for the last four or five hours drinking coffee gazing out the window…out last night for a Thursday dance popped into the Bernard Shaw and then ended the night in The Baggott Inn….drink of the night was climeberry!!

Saw Rise Of Planet Of The Apes last weekend and was a little disappointed with it to be honest but I guess there have been few different versions of Planet Of the Apes movies and of course there is also the novel….so when you know the story…

A few nice things….

Listening to….

Lady Gaga – You and I

John Lee Hooker – No Shoes

Nona Hendryx – B-Boys

Blood Orange – Can We Go Inside Now

Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard

So the rest of the night will be spent on the settee eating chocolate and popcorn…heading to Limerick in the morning and have The Rose Of Tralee Fashion Show on Sunday..

Have a nice weekend




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