Ciao Italia………

22 Jul

Just back from a relaxing week in the beautiful and charming coastal town of Nocera Terinese found in the wonderful region of Calabria in the South of Italy…It is my second time visiting the area as I am very lucky that my relations have apartments there…. The weather was sunny and warm, up in the late 30’s most days!! The mornings were spent by the pool followed by siestas and vast amounts of delectable foods and then the afternoons were filled with trips to the beach, a five minute walk from the apartment block, staying until sunset before heading out for delicious meals of fresh local produce….The area is set in a lovely backdrop of mountains beside the sea and lovely little farms and garden patches with lemon, olive and oranges trees, tomatoes, onion andchili plants….Up in the mountains there are most beautiful old towns with interesting old crumbly buildings, winding streets, pretty balconies and breath-taking views…..It was a gorgeous week with lots of  swimming, cycling, walking and eating…..

We went on trips to a few of the towns near Nocera including the perfectly quaint old town of Nocera and one day to the larger coastal town Amantea for the shops, Belmonte to the stunning beach and the picturesque old town there, which has a magnificent view down to the sea…we also took a spin to Falerna on one of the nights for a stroll through the market and a taste of the gelato there, I was a creature of habit and always got nocciola flavour…

On one of the nights I was taken to the charming and friendly town San Mango d’Aquino which was ripe with beautiful buildings and wonderful fountains….I went here with some Italian friends who are from San Mango so got a guided tour of the town…the Autostrada was closed so we drove up through the winding roads which gave us the most magnificent panorama of the old towns at night scattered in the hills beautifully lit up with the sea and full moon in the back drop……we also got a flat tyre during the drive which was amusing but between the 3 guys in the car was fixed in moments!!

The coffee there needless to say was perfect but a couple of other drinks that are typical to the area and I had never sampled before include latte di mandorla which is almond milk and la Bibita al Caffè which is basically a coffee soda drink both drinks were gorgeous and refreshing in the warm evenings….there was also an aperitif we were given after dinner one evening that is made locally from herbs but as a non drinker I only smelt it….

Here are some pictures from the week….

Italy has always been my favourite country  as I love everything about the culture….but I think the region of Calabria has to be the nicest with the lovely towns, spectacular landscapes, glorious beaches, fresh food (especially the ice cream) and welcoming people….I am enrolling in Italian lessons this week….

Some songs from my holiday playlist, I think it had around 650 songs on it –

the maccabees – no kind words

j.tillman – firstborn

patrick watson – the great escape

patti smith – because the night

blondie -call me

biffy cylro – mountains

goldfrapp – ooh la la





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