Everything’s Rosie…

3 Jul

Stunning Transformers 3 star and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may not win any trophies for her acting skills but she will get a lot of attention for her all white wardrobe, that remains immaculate throughout the movie despite Rosie being smack in middle of some messy fight scenes…I am also very envious of her gorgeous designer style worn around the globe at the various press events and premieres…also a mention to the Victoria Secret models always perfect hair and makeup which is always natural, flawless and never over the top, lots of people should take note….I would love all of Rosies closet from both on screen and off….
Here are some of my favourite looks of Ms Whiteleys from the Transformers premieres around the world….

1. Gucci in Moscow….

2. Michael Kors in Moscow….

3. Naeem Khan in Berlin….

4. Michael Kors in Rio De Janeiro….

5. Antonio Berardi in New York….

6. Burberry in Mayfair….

7. Burberry in London….

8. Michael Kors….

9. Stella McCartney in Berlin….

10.Salvatore Ferragamo in Rio De Janeiro….

I will admit I am a fan of the Transformers movies and watched all 3 in reverse order this weekend! And loved the new one as much as the other 2, like most fans though the second is my least favourite….I am undecided as to which female lead I prefer but as long as Shia LeBeouf and Josh Duhamel are in it then I am happy really….

If you haven’t seen Transformers 3 yet then get onto it if only to covet Ms Whiteleys pristine and no doubt designer attire or if you are male then to admire her model curves….fingers crossed for a fourth instalment but rumours of no involvement from Shia or Michael Bay are already doing the rounds as well as one that Steven Speiberg may step into Bays shoes….



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