A few things….

16 Jun

So last Friday I finished up my job to pursue better things, I still want to work in radio but hope to move to Dublin and get a job there so I was brave, or stupid still deciding, and said I would just go for it quit my job and dedicate time to hunting for a perfect one, it exists…I also said I would do a blog entry at least every second day but so far have not done one…I have instead been trying to catch up on sleep, spring clean and get a regular diet going, I eat way to much bold but tasty food….Trying to stick to a healthy diet is actually really hard, I am replacing my usual snacks of pastries and chocolate with apples, nuts and raw carrots, I’ll let you know how it goes….

A few images and items found and loved while ‘job hunting’…

It would be much better if it was sunny out although I would probably do nothing….



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