A few things…..

23 May

So it’s a wet and windy Monday in May, yes hard to believe it is meant to be our summer, so many of us may be suffering ‘manic monday’ syndrome….but President Barack Obama was in town today, town being Dublin and Moneygall….he didn’t let the weather get him down or stop him shaking hands with s many of the crowds as possible despite getting soaked himself, might I add that not one of his 30 or so secret service even had the decency to hold up an umbrella…..

I spent the day drinking coffee and searching the internet while listening back to audio in work as I am currently trying to put a demo together…..here are of few nice things I gathered, while hard at work…..

monday moods....

I agree....marc johns

and the biggest news feature today and inspirational thing in Ireland was the speech Barack Obama gave…..

it’s just a pity he had to leave because of the return of the Icelandic ash cloud……



ps. I look to the UBERBLOG daily for inspiration, a smile or a laigh so some of today’s images came from here…..


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