Little treats…..

26 Apr

Easter weekend has been and gone……

It was a lovely weekend spent with friends and good food, yes I mean indulging in chocolate again…..

However, I woke up this morning with a chocolate hangover after two whole days of gorging on delicious chocolate from Easter eggs to Ben & Jerry’s to the most scrumptious chocolate from Italy(thanks Daddy), it really was lovely milk chocolate with nut pieces dipped in honey…..

Today felt like a Monday, complete with the groggy attitude and then came the happiness when remembering it’s Tuesday so a short week ahead before another nice long weekend…and for anyone who still has that Monday feeling well I got peed on by a dog today so that should make you laugh….

This afternoon a trip to Bunratty was made to walk off some chocolate and see the sights, of which there are loads here….I love flowers I think they are beautiful and normally dislike faux ones but while looking around Meadows & Byrne  I discovered they can be really lovely and colourful so want to think of a nice way to incorporate them into my bedroom(suggestions welcome and appreciated)…..

                    Love the tea storage box…..

I want everything on this dresser down to the lavender and also the dresser itself……

I keep an eye on The Uber Blog every few days for inspiration, motivation and to smile….

My friend emailed me these pictures earlier, I love it…At first was wondering why she was emailing me pictures of wine when I don’t drink but on closer inspection realised her good taste…..

The countdown to the Royal Wedding is on but are all the articles and interviews and tv shows and whatever else exciting or just annoying at this stage!!




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