Sunny Disposition………

22 Apr

The sun is staying and so are the smiles…

I have had a lovely few days in the fine weather in both Limerick and Dublin, there is just so much more to see and do when the weather is nice…Wednesday I was in Dublin for modeling work  which was on early in the morning leaving me free to catch up with friends for the rest of the day…..

First I met a friend in the beauteous and immaculate Herbert Park for a stroll around with her and her son, we fed the ducks and played ball. It was my first time in the park and it was stunning, it is a large park with loads to take in and enjoy for all ages…and it was so well kept there was not a blade of grass out of place never mind any litter, there was a team of men doing gardening, emptying bins and picking up any rubbish, who were genuinely whistling while they worked, which was lovely to see….

I then made my way over to lovely Ranelagh  wher I met Philip in TriBeCa for a lovely lunch, I had the seabass which was fantastic, they are known for their tasty chicken wings so must go back for them soon…

After a lovely lunch of food and a bit of Trivia Pursuit on my Ipad in bbetween course I went over to Rathmines to visit my friend Aine and her son, her mom was also visiting so we all sat out in the garden drinking coffee and chatting oh and a few buns were consumed…it felt like the South of France…Check out Aines blog andmybaby…we also tried to make giant bubbles with some washing up liquid, 2 sticks and a pair of shoelaces, it’s something I need to work on……

I finished my day by cheering on Philip in Donnybrook for his game with St. Marys College against UCD in the Cup final which St. Marys won, so well done to the lads….kick was very late last night with the game finishing at 10pm so by the time the cheering was finished and congratulations expressed I didn’t get on the road until around 11pm, so I was very late home and in bed….

On my way to meet one of the girls Olivia for lunch after work I got a phone call from a lady with a strong Northern accent saying she was outside my house with a delivery of flowers….I didn’t believe her as I thought it was Olivia playing a prank on me… I said I wouldn’t be fooled so I quizzed the “delivery” lady phone…I asked what kind of flowers, she said a bouquet, I then turned around and asked her where her flowers were from and where do you grow, after a couple of minutes of me saying some unusual things to her trying to catch out who I thought was Olivia, I realised that she was an actually delivery lady who was outside my house with a bouquet of flowers….she must havve thought I was off the wall….I came home after a satisfying lunch in La Cuicina to be greeted with a magnificent bunch of summery flowers and thoughtful note, I’ve been smiling since….I was spoiled….




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    […] one I like going to the most is Herbert Park ,which I have posted pictures of before here, it is always immaculate and all the staff keeping it are really friendly….I was up last week […]

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