Festive Friday…..

8 Apr

The sun is out, temperatures are high and it’s the weekend so smiles all round….leaving for Dunlin in a little while but for now sitting in the garden with a largecafetiere coffee some coffee and the new edition of Conde Nast Traveller magazine, my material for escapism….nice weekend planned (himself did all the planning), going to the Leinster game in the Aviva Stadium and yes I will be sporting my Munster jersey!! Looking forward to the game and also it will be my first trip to the Aviva….After the game (hopefully in celebratory mode) we are going for dinner in French restaurant on Stephen’s Green La Mere Zou…a walk in the park, the cinema and if I am good maybe a stroll aroud the shops will also be on the itinerary…..


Here  are some of my favorite pictures from the week…..


and I have been listening to…..

1. Golden Silvers – Please Venus

2. Monsters of Folk – Baby Boomer

3. Wolfmother – Woman


Happy Weekend






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