Currently coveting…..

6 Apr

I am developing a love for jewellery from sweet dainty pieces to heavy statement items so I have decided I want to improve my jewellery collection by adding some, any or all of these pieces to it…….


1. All Saints – One of my favorite items of jewellery, and most worn, is my All Saints and I have fallen in love  with their Ninotchka necklace in black….


All Saints Ninotchka Necklace


2. Daisy Knights – loving several items from here but the love disc collections is the nicest….



3. Etsy – Some gorgeous handmade pieces of jewellery are available on etsy from designers at really reasonable prices. I could and do spend hours looking and falling in love with loads of different pieces so in the near future I will dedicate more time to talking about some of the designers found on it. At the moment Macha Jewellery is top of the list for me as it is so pretty and dainty….


4. Alan Ardiff – Beautiful miniature kinetic jewellery from Irish jewellery maker and artist Alan Ardiff, the head over heels pendant is adorable…..



5.Carolina Bucci – I stumbled upon Carolina Bucci on net-a-porter and have fallen in love with everything from her collection especially this beautiful cuff…

6. Michael Kors – I have a gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs watch that himself gave me but I am bad at time keeping so I think a few more watches would correct this flaw of mine and would love a gold Michael Kors watch to keep Marc company….


7. Emerson Made – I think the gold coin necklaces from here are so gorgeous and elegant, they are timeless too and inexpensive(always a plus)…..





I will let you know my first purchase, it may not be for a while but I’ll keep adding to the list….





3 Responses to “Currently coveting…..”

  1. Alan 06/22/2011 at 4:26 pm #

    Thank you for coveting me
    Alan Ardiff

    • ellesdeli 06/22/2011 at 9:10 pm #

      You are welcome and thank you for your comment. I must say it is very easy to love your pieces as they are all gorgeous, the hard part is picking favourites, I spend ages gazing at your website!


  1. Tis the season to be jolly….. | ellesdeli - 12/26/2011

    […] It was a lovely weekend celebrating Christmas and my Dads birthday…ate an amazing amount of splendid food, caught up with friends and family, listened to festive music and exchanged gifts-I am now the happy wearer of a unique Alan Ardiff Moondance pendant, I hope to start a little collection!! I spoke before of Alan Ardiff here […]

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