Busy Bee….

10 Mar

Hope you are having a great week. I have not been on my computer much since last Friday, as I have been a little busy at times lazy at others,  so I did not get around to write but heres what I have been up to….

Saturday I was doing model workshops in Brown Thomas for Max Mara.  The clothes were nice, some very pretty dresses. Here are a few of my top choices from the summer collection

Max Mara website – http://www.maxmara.com/it/Pagina-Iniziale


Afterwards I drove up to Dublin and went to the cinema with the man to see The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I am a little undecided as to how I feel about the movie as it was convoluted and a little odd. But both Matt Damon and Emily Blunt were very good in it, although I was a little jealous of her wardrobe I loved everything she wore in the movie. If you are in the mood for a cinema trip then it is worth a watch otherwise wait for it to come to dvd….


Sunday I had a little shopping trip in the morning and then I was the star girlfriend and went to watch my bf play his rugby match, it was an important game and they won. Well done to the boys.


Monday I went on a little trip to Marks and Spencers (http://www.marksandspencer.com/)  for some edible delights before driving to Cork. I met up with my sister we had a stroll around the shops before heading to her house where she made me a lovely dinner and we chilled out for the evening. We actually planned on watching a dvd that we purchased in town but after dinner my sister declared she sold her dvd a while back so ANTM was watched instead and Zodiac with the lovely Jake Gyllenhaal.

Tuesday I was in Blarney doing a photo shoot for Blarney Woolen Mills which was a nice day. I was really well fed during the day as ate in the The Mill restaurant which just opened on Monday but I will do a full review of it over the weekend as it was so amazing I want to share in more detail.

The Mill

The Millhttp://www.blarney.com/

Wednesday I was back to work as normal and went straight to bed after work with a few chick flicks(and they are far too embarrassing to name).

Today I was doing workshops in Brown Thomas for jeans so on my ‘to blog list’ is the perfect pair of jeans!

Heading to Dublin tomorrow after work for the weekend so packing my bags again at the moment, this is something I find very stressful as I am a complete over packer….so I need any tips on packing light…..

Elle x






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