The weekend went a little like this….

28 Feb

On Friday  afternoon I went down to Cork  dressed up as a sort of ballerina for a Black Swan themed launch of a studio space belonging to artists Lisa Falzon and Laura Eliason (check out their work  here  and here ).

The studio space where it was on was on the top floor and that of photographer  Samantha Hunt and is the studio above that of Lisa and Laura. The studio was decorated with with some ballet inspired decorations and work from the three talented ladies was on display throughout the building. There were beautiful framed and unframed photographs on the walls, interesting prints, beautiful clothes and sketches as well as head pieces, jewelry and little cards.  As it was themed everyone was encouraged to come dressed up Black Swan style. Me and the girls maybe played it safe in comparison to some of the attendees who all looked fantastic with some donning tutus, head dresses and full Black Swan style make up, however when we went out afterwards to Long Island for cocktails and the Bowery for a dance we certainly stood out….


Black Swan

Although it looks like I have less make up in the middle of the girls, they also kept telling me I needed to put more on, it just failed to photograph as heavy as it was!!

long Island

Here we are hidden down the back with our drinks in the Long Island bar in Cork. The girls were drinking Frozen Strawberry Cosmos and I was drinking non-alcoholic strawberry dakaris. I am a non drinker and some times tire of water as I do not really take soft drinks so I venture the occasional non alcoholic cocktail when feeling exotic but am usually left disappointed but not this time it was really nice I also tried their nojito which was nice but a little too sweet for my taste


On Saturday we started the day with toasted bagels with cream cheese and bacon and scrambled eggs so I will now be have to have this on a daily basis for the next two weeks at least! After brekkie we strolled into town for a bit of pampering with a very relaxing pedicure here and then had a stroll around the shops, and yes it did rain so yes we got soaked but we came home with a new umbrella Friday night which was much appreciated on Saturday. It was mainly a window shopping trip but I did get a lovely necklace in Amity (  which I will post a picture os later.

We then rented 3 movies and bought a ridiculous amount of junk food and vegged out. The movies were awful I  can not even remember the first one the second one was a disappointing New York I Love You and the third was Blonde Ambition with Jessica Simpson( this was the most enjoyable of the 3!) See the trailer below


Then Sunday was spend on the settee with the boy watching the rugby , eating good food and waiting for the Oscars.

So all in all a very nice fun and relaxing weekend filled with food, shopping and  black swans……how was yours?






2 Responses to “The weekend went a little like this….”

  1. Olivia Malone 03/01/2011 at 12:23 am #

    Love this Blog!

  2. andmybaby 03/01/2011 at 11:18 pm #

    I’m soooo jealous of the party! I want to be Black Swanned!

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